The Bhawishya STEAM Upcoming Events

Bhawishya is a unique annual Science fair where the participants have to make their projects right on the venue.

  • Butwal Bhawishya

    Hotel Pauwa

    Kartik 27th

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  • Bhawishya Province 2 'Bardibas'

    Bardibas Sewa Samiti

    17 Mangsir, 2076

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  • Bhawishya National STEAM Challenge 'Kathmandu'

    Nepal Police Academy, Maharajgunj

    27th Mangsir, 2076

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About Us

भविष्य STEAM Challenge 2076 is a platform for students to engage in solving problems and foster scientific skills through United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event is not a Science Fair. Instead, it is a national level; STEAM Challenge; a time bound, problem solving oriented event that tests a student’s ability to innovate where students from all over the nation can participate.

भविष्य Solve

भविष्य Robotic & Coding

भविष्य Exp.

Bhawishya is a festival of dreamers,
carnival of makers and a display of our future.



Become a partner

Funds for conducting the event are all to be collected from external agencies. The sponsorship mileage includes the various parameters

Sample Projects

‘Adhunik Halo’

A team all the way from Sindhupalchowk, Shree Janak Madhyamik. was rethinking the Traditional “HALO” and wanted to equip it will many useful tools like wheels and water sprayer and powered it with electricity.


A team of young girls from Pragati Secondary School, Pokhara’ realizing the need good health and sanitation were conceptualizing the sanitary pad vending machine for remote areas.

‘Garbage Management System’

A team from valley, presenting their local solution for the Garbage Management for their community .

‘Self Sustaining House’

A team of young girls from Kathmandu presenting their work on STEAM Challenge where they integrated the need of sustainability and coming up prototype of a self sustaining house for a better future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Bhawishya different?

Instead of displaying projects that have already been made, students will be required to build a project in the event venue itself. The event is not a Science Fair. Instead, it is a national level - STEAM Challenge : a time bound, problem solving oriented event that tests a student’s ability to innovate where students from all over the nation can participate.

Raw materials and Makerspace?

The participating teams will have to bring their own raw materials to the event. Hazardous materials will be strictly prohibited from the participating teams. Any team found bringing hazardous materials will be penalized and/or disqualified from the event.
We also have certain raw materials as backup if in case of damages to the raw materials brought by participants. A workstation: “makerspace” is also stationed where students can perform tasks like drilling, soldering, under supervision.

Registration fee and Financial Aid

We have a designated registration fee which includes breakfast, lunch and a T-shirt for all participating students and supervisors with access to makerspace tools and materials. Public/Community schools will have their registration fees waived through the help of sponsors. The sponsors may be individual donors or corporate organizations who are willing to invest the money for these teams. A donor who pledges a certain amount of money will be linked with a particular team.

Visitor information

Visitors are welcome in the event venue after 11:00 AM till 4:00 PM. There is no entry fee for visitors.

Awards and Evaluation criterias

Students will be evaluated on the following criteria: Community impact, Innovative design, Aesthetics and Teamwork.
The judges will NOT be affiliated with participating educational institutions. Evaluation will be based on the process of making and building. A separate workshop will be conducted for the evaluators where they will be informed about the evaluation criteria and strategies

Bhawishya online exhibition

Bhawishya online exhibition is a hashtag challenge where participants upload pictures along with their project on facebook with certain hashtags, which will be communicated. There are two categories of winners :

  • Highest number of likes.
  • Highest number of shares.

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